ThopTv Apk Download Latest Version [ IPL Special ] Unlimited TV shows And Live

ThopTV is one of the most popular Mobile app recently, it is majorly eminent for delivering unlimited Tv shows and Sports Live. and ThopTv already has more than 3000 movies in it you can reading watch! you can bet that ThopTv has it for you and it offer it easily for common people like you to watch.

All the website and Android Mobile app would required some sort of subscription fee but today everything has changed drastically. Now it is possible to download 1000+ Of songs, Movies, Videos and many other entertainment for free.

This Mobile app has very user friendly interface that will let you enjoy the features of it quickly and easily, here is no restriction and limited on channels & Usages, if a user want to watch the sport channel then they can enjoy watching search their favorite channel in On Go, in this case if you don’t know the name of the channel you want top watch, then you can just type a general name in the search box by searching multiple results comes in the search box and you can watch their favorite Movies, Cartoon, Sports channel and series on it.

ThopTv App Features:

  1. You can get subtitles for the selected channels.
  2. Chat Support
  3. Almost 3000+ International channels.
  4. You can make a favorite list
  5. Free License app for android Device.
  6. Available cartoon for kids.
  7. No need to share personal details as you can use the service without any registration.
  8. Easy to use
  9. Download videos for watching later.
  10. 5000+ Music and Radio Channels

HD Quality:

ThopTv Apk also supports HD Quality streaming, it will deliver the best if you are a repeated user of Mx player, you don’t have to pay anything to obtain this premium feature when you have the Apk in Your hand.

Firestick and cast:

Do you want to watch your favorite content on big screens!! Utilize the fire stick and cast features to enjoy on such big screens.

Live Tv Channels:

There are sports, News channels and movies channels for teenagers and adults and at the same time, there is the luxury of cartoon channels for the children.

ThopTv App Securiy:

The Apk is perfectly safe and secure as it verified by Google play services.

ThopTv Apk Cricket Live download Supporting Mobile Devices!!
  • IOS Operating System is nor Support’
  • Amazon Fire Tv 4K and Cube
  • Android Tablet, Mobile and Tv.
  • Personal Computers ( Like Windows, Mac and Linux)
About Requirements:
  1. Internet connection is required
  2. Your device must have at least 1GB of RAM to play HD Contents.

Guide  watch IPL for Free!! Download ThopTv Apk for Free??

You don’t need to premium plan or any membership to watch IPL, you just need to have thopTv in your mobile device, which also is also free to download, now follow the below steps so that you can watch IPL live channel for in your device without any Premium and Membership.

  1. First of all Download and install ThopTv app latyest through the link given below.
  2. Open the app in the installed.
  3. Wait for the app to load fully.
  4. After its done.
  5. You can see the watch live IPL option in the ThopTv open Interface or Layout.
  6. Tap on it and watch Live IPL fr free utilizing ThopTv Latest Version Apk.


How to Download Thop Tv- For Live Tv and Cricket Score android app for PC?? [Mac, Linu and Windows Computer]

  1. Use And apk from your computer, you will need a android emulator software that acts as a virtual phone, we have given step by step instruction blow on How to install and use yur android apps In Pc.
  2. We need to download and install an Android emulator, BluEstracks is one of the most used Emulator.
  3. Now you can download it using the link given below, after the instructions.
  4. Once download the emulator software, you can install t as you install any other computer software by double clicking and follow the steps.
  5. Now After installing the emulator, open it and drag and drop the downloaded Apk file into the software screen.
  6. This will start the app Installation process.
  7. Now follow the step to complete apk installation as like you do in Your Mobile Phone.
  8. Congratulations.
  9. You can use the android app from your computer by opening the Emulator software.(Windows, Mac and Linux)

Install Thop Tv for Android:

Download APK 40.0

Download the app from Below ink for your android from the page link.

FormatAPK File for Android OS
Current Versionv40.0
Downloading File Size16.4 MB
Official WebsiteThopTV


How to install and thopTv IPL Live in Firestick?

  1. First of all connect your firestick device to Tv.
  2. Than turn it “ON”
  3. Go to setting option on your firestick.
  4. Now tap ‘Developer optons”
  5. Now click on “Apps from unknown sources”.
  6. Tap “Turn On” button, Now you are all set to install any apk file on your Firestick Device.
  7. Any Apps like, Like it, Mi Drop and share this file to your firtestick turn your Android Mobile.
  8. Now install ThopTv and enjoy Free IPL Live.