Make Money Driving for Amazon Flex, Amazon Will Pay you Rs.140/Hr to Deliver Packages in spare time, Amazon has announced its a new amazon flex program that will enable users to Earn up to Rs.140/Hr by Delivering packages for the company. that service is currently Available in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai And is slated to soon be announced in more regions.

To Sign-up for Amazon Flex and start delivering packages, you will need at least a Two Wheeler to get started with Delivering packaged, through the amazon flex website also lets you specify if you own a three or four wheeler while signing up.

Also need an android phone to get started, as the android flex app is only available on Android for now.

What is Amazon Flex?

Is simplest terms, Amazon Flex is a program that allows you to earn between Rs.120 and Rs.140 per Hour. And all you need to do is Deliver packages to customers on Behalf of Amazon.

At present Residents of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore can Join Amazon Flex Program.

To drive for Amazon Flex, You must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have a valid Driving License and Insurance.
  • Be at Least 21 Year old.
  • Have a qualifying vehicle.

Getting Money from Amazon Flex?

Amazon flex pays your earning to you bank account every Tuesday and Friday, Unless banks aren’t working on any particular Tuesday and Friday.

Therefore you’ll have to provide the correct details of your bank on the Amazon Flex App, There are two ways you get money from Amazon Delivery Jobs.

How much I Can Eran as Amazon Flex Partner?

Flex programmer completely allows you to choose your own Schedule while working as their delivery partner. Roughly you make Rs.120-140 per Hours a day, and you can make Rs.480-560 a Day and Approx. Rs.10,000 a month.

You might not have delivery blocks available all the time in you area and this is going to affect you earning, more the packages you deliver, And more the money you Earn.

Additional Benefits of Joining Amazon Flex Programmer?

Well!! Amazon Flex partners will not only be Given training but also Provided with an insurance up To Rs. 500,000 Rupees.

How do I Register For Amazon Flex Program?

  • First of all Download Amazon Flex App
  • Log-in with existing Amazon Account or Sign-up for New Amazon Account.
  • Answer Questions asked for your background check like do you have a Driving License, What kind of Vehicle do you have Etc.
  • Select Region where you want t deliver the packages, if your region is not Listed, You can Join wait list so that you can be contacted when their service is Available in your area.
  • Watch training Videos.
  • Provide payment and Tax details upload documents if needed.

That’s a through background check will be done before you can start delivering packages for them.

Amazon Delivery partners will be given appropriate training.

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What kind of Products I will be Given to Deliver?

Amazon Flex partner are expected to deliver only packages that can be carried in a back Pack on their motor Cycles. What to deliver an what to not is determined by the size and Weight of the Products. Large electrical goods such As Refrigerators, Washing Machine, Coolers, will not be part of Amazon flex Program for now.

What to expect as an Amazon Flex Worker?

Your block will begin by Arriving at the pickup Location. depending on the type of deliveries you will be making that day, You may find yourself at a Grocery Store, Restaurant and Distribute Center Etc.

Amazon Flex Programmer – Pros And Cons

Amazon Flex has provided thousands of people the opportunity to make some extra cash by doing relatively simple work, However it is not without its Faults. There have been mixed reviews from drivers that make it clear this job is no for everyone.

Amazon Flex Pros-

  • Decent pay at Rs.140-150 Per hour
  • Drivers can work independently
  • Drivers don’t need to offer high level of customer service.

Amazon Flex Cons-

  • Can be difficult to pick-up blocks
  • The flex app has been known to be buggy
  • Amazon Flex required you to pay for your gas, tolls, Parking and other Expenses.

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