Top Best Instant Personal Loan Apps In India

Top Best Instant Personal Loan Apps In India

Top Best Instant Personal Loan Apps In India

If you need to urgent cash requirement and if you are thinking about Instant personal loan then this post will be help for you because in this article are talking about how can you get instant loan through Mobile instant loan app.

Personal and students loans these days. are available in a very easy manner. go to the play store and see how the mobile app will tell you about the loan and you immediately get the soft approval. however in this post we will discuss the best personal loan apps for professionals still you can explore the best student loan app if you’re looking for a student loan.

List of Indian apps providing instant personal loan app.

How do apply for personal loan? normally, people either visit the bank branch in person or apply online app. is there any other options? yes!! these is people seeking to apply for personal loan can now use customized applications.

Top 10 best Indian application providing instant personal loans.

 Eligibility Criteria of personal loan:

  • The applicant should be in the age limit of 21-65 years at the time of application.
  • Minimum income of the applicant must be Rs.25 thousand a month. however the minimum monthly income varies according to the area and is generally higher in metro cities.
  • Applicant must be a resident of India
  • Minimum work experience for self employed is a minimum of 3 years and at least a year for salaries.

Documents required for personal loan:

  • Loan application
  • Your selfie (To be taken on the MoneyTap App)
  • Voter ID, UID Card, Passport, Pan Card & Driving License
  • Proof of age – Birth certificate/ passport
  • Bank statement of previous 3 month
  • Proof of your income- Las 2 year’s balance sheet, profit and loss statement certified by a CA


How to apply online personal loan

Apply for a personal loan online is simple and hassle free. the online process save you the inconvenience of going through extensive paperwork. the online application process becomes simple if you have an account with bank from which you intend to take the loan. even if don’t have a net banking with the bank, you can apply for personal loan from online through the bank’s website as well as any loan aggregator website.

Now visit the website and fill the form by enter the requisite details, you can check eligible and processed with filling up the application form online. you can also must upload scanned copies of KYC your documents for the loan processing to begin.


Top List of best instant personal loan Apps:

  1. Dhani App by IndiaBulls
  2. Bajaj Finserv
  3. Moneyview
  4. PayMe India
  5. ZestMoney
  6. MoneyTap
  7. PaySense
  8. KreditBee
  9. Credy Technologies
  10. Smart Coin


1. Dhani App by IndiaBulls

Dhani provides personal loans up to 15 Lacs without any collateral assets available at justified rates of inters. there is barely any foreclosure possible below 2 lakhs.

IndiaBulls dhani personal loan app provides instant loans at interest rate start from 1% to 3.17% P.M, ranging from Rs.1000 to 15 Lakh and has zero foreclosure charges on loan below Rs.20,000.

Loan seekers need to produce their address proof and PAN Card for verification and instant approval. the loan tenure is 3 months 36 months.

IndiaBulls Dhani Founded in 2000 and 2017 Launched of the app

Key features

  • Processing fees from1.5% to 6%
  • Loan process is completely online
  • Instant approvals with no pre payment charges.


2. Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj finserv is the one step solution for all post ;loan or investment services provider. A personal loan is an unsecured loan that can be used for a variety of ways, it includes medical treatment, travel, wedding and many other urgent financial requirement. from bajaj finserv instant loan, you also can borrow up to Rs.25 lakh and you will get instant approval on it.

Key features

  • Instant approved
  • You get money in your bank within 24 hours.
  • Choose a flexible tenor of 12 to 60 months for repayment

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3. Moneyview

Moneyview was founded by Mr.sanjay ji Agarwal in 2014, it is the market leader in the area of personal finance management money. this platform also offers collateral free personal loan instant. users can be easily track their loan status and other loan related details.

Loan amount start from Rs.10,000 and goes up to Rs.5 lakh. Money view is personal loan app that allows customers apply for a loan through app without collateral.

1. Minimum loan amount: Rs.10,000

2. Maximum loan amount Rs.5 lakh

3. 1.33-2% per month interest rate

Key features

  • Flexible loan repayment options
  • Uses its own credit model
  • Your salaried individuals, the minimum monthly income is Rs.13,500.
  • Minimum age limited is 21-57 Years


4. PayMe India

Based out of noida, PayMe India is a fin-tech company that offers short term loans to corporate employees who required instant cash. instant payday loans and advance salary loans to salaried corporate employees at low interest rates to help them meet their financials rates to help them meet their financial needs.

1. PayMe India Founded in 2016 Noida

2. Min loan amount Rs.1000

3. Max Loan Amount Rs. 1 Lakh

Salient features

  • Easy to Log-in and apply
  • Easy to apply and instant loan approvals
  • Customer friendly repayment options.

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5. ZestMoney

ZestMoney is one of the best instant loan app. with a consumer lending platform. Zest Money loan app helps you to upgrade your lifestyle by providing you consumer durable loans. in the Mobile app there will be no credit card or CIBIL Score is required, you can purchase products across any platform like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc.

You can avail instant personal loans from Rs.1000 to 10 Lakhs form the Zest money app.

1. Zest Money Founded in 2015 By Lizzie chapman, priya Sharma and ashish.

2. Min loan amount Rs.5000

3. . Max Loan Amount Rs.5 Lakh

Unique features

  •  EMI Without a credit card
  • instant approval
  • No hidden charges
  • Transparent fee structure


6. MoneyTap

This is India’s first mobile app based credit line, the best part is its no usage no interest features, which has made taking credit more affordable.

This is essentially a money lending company with flexible interest rates, currently service client in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore as well as 30+ cities in India.

  1. Founded in 2015

2. Min Loan amount Rs.3000

3. Max Loan Amount Rs.5 Lakh

Key Features:

  • Chat to apply
  • Tracking your EMIs
  • Security
  • No usage and interest
  • Instant approval and get transfer in Minutes
  • Free Credit card


7. PaySense

PaySense company offers personal loans up to Rs.5 Lakh with approval within 2 hours via PaySense personal loan app even a  personal loan on the mobile app, you can choose from the flexible repayment tenure at reasonable interest rates.

You can use a phone or laptop to check your loan eligibility, submit your KYC Document and apply for a loan, receiving an approval within 2 hours.

1. Founded In 2015

2. Min Loan Amount Rs.5000

3. Max Loan Amount Rs. 5 Lakh

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8. KreditBee

KreditBee provides 3 different personal loans app in India. you can take up a flex loan even if you don’t have a salary account up to Rs.50,000. if you have an income then you can take up to 2 lakh range from 3 to 15 months at a low interest rate. and any above the age of 18 Years and earning Rs.15,000 per month can download the app and apply for the loan application. Uploading the necessary denouements, then you need to wait for your documents verification and approval.

Once approved the loan amount is directly credit to your bank account, KreditBee app is high rated and a favorite among your professionals.

  1. KreditBee is founded in 2015

2. Min Loan Amount Rs.1000

3. Max Loan Amount Rs.1 Lakh


9. Credy Technologies

Credy Technologies is a bio metric verified peer lending network, it enable users get personal loans for urgent requirements, refinancing loans as well as credit card bills and offers investors an online platform for lending in exchange for investment returns. the company provides loan duration ranging from 3 to 15 Months for amounts between Rs.10,000 to 1 Lakh. the rates of interest start at 12 Percentage annualized.

Minimum salary of Rs.15,000 can apply for the loan.

  1. Credy technologies is founded in 2016

2. Min Loan Amount Rs.10,000

3. Max Loan Amount Rs.1 Lakh

4. 1-1.5 Percent per month interest rate


10. Smart Coin

This one of India’s instant online loan providers for individuals looking for personal loans, smart Coin providers personal loan and loan credit, Business loan, salaried professionals. the min monthly income Of Rs.15,000 is required to get instant load from the smart coin app. The app has been designed in a way that it can assess the profile of customers and estimate the risk factor prior to disbursing the loan. just install the mobile app from Google store and get registered with personal & Employment related info.

1. Smart Coin is found in 23 November 2015

2. Min loan Amount Rs.1000

3. Max Loan Amount Rs.25,000

Smart Coin Key Features

  • Min loan tenure is 90 Days whereas the minimum loan tenure is 120 Days
  • Completely automated platform
  • Minimal documentation

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