10 Best Men’s Branded Jeans In India

10 Best Men's Branded Jeans In India

The 10 Best Men’s Branded Jeans On The Internet:

Jeans probably one of he most popular investments you’ll make in your signature style, you might have a job for which you wear them every single day and you might have to slip them on after slipped out of your nine to five suit. Now either way, they’re an item you;ll wear more than any other you own. How ever, over the past decade somethings funny has happened to jeans. as their status as the workhorse of man’s armoury became cemented, and also became something of a starting point to an outfit, as opposed to the stars. the beauty of jeans is that stars.

Brands are brings jeans back to their rightful place at fronts and center, with designers getting more creative about cuts,washed and some putting of colors etc.

16Famous branded jeans for both men & Women:

There are many brands of jeans are available like Levi’s, Lee, Spykar Etc. the history of diesel jeans began from Italy in the year of 1955 with future establishment but, it might be really not fair to discuss diesel without mentioning these branded denim jeans.

We’ve put together a guide to the best jeans brands for men. No matter your taste or budget, we’ll help you find the brand that’s right for you.

151. Diesel:

Diesel company was found by the renzo in year of 1978. diesel is one of the most popular jeans brands in the world. they start from a few thousand rupee to up to even a lakh, making them out of reach to the common crowd. Rosso is of course in the distressed jeans that he made famous, diesel. Diesel is now a global fashion giants with a turnover of more than 1.3 Billion euros in 2009 year.

 How can identify diesel:

1. Diesel jeans feature a logo in the front and hand pocket.

2. It says “Diesel industry” followed by the red Diesel “D” and underneath says “Denim Division” in red color.

3. Buttons and studs on diesel jeans are branded.

Just be aware of the brand identity

Check Collect Here: Diesel

142. Spykar

Spykar is an Indian brand that is competing with hi profile brands like Levis and Pepe jeans. it was launched in 1992 by Prasad pabrekar, the brand, over the years, has been through thick and thin in the Indian market. Mumbai India based spykar started small. but over the year, it was shaped into becoming one of the large players.

The home grown brand now competes directly with its foreign counterparts.


How can identify Spykar:

  1. See if the distance between the letters is same as of the real loo
  2. Checking if the font is serif or sans serif.
  3. Check the pocket bag fabric quality- if it looks cheap it should be a fake.

Just be aware of the brand identity

Check Collect Here: Spykar

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133. Lee

Lee Company is a denim brand that is renowned for its innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. produce its first in the year 1889. you can choose your best fit from this fashion line and revamp your look. brand is a historic American jeans brand which has been one of he oldest players in the market. the brand has been well known for its durable jeans and denim overalls.

How can identify Lee:

1. Rivets and zip also embossed with Lee brand name.

2. Button embossed with lee brand name.

Just be aware of the brand identity

Check Collect Here: Lee


124. Calvin Klein

CK rand founded in 1968 will serve you with the most fashionable jeans on its salver. Calvin Klein features jeans made for everyday lie. in additions to denim, the collection also includes tailored clothing underwear, swimwear, hand watch, sportswear Etc.

How can identify Calvin Klein:

  1. The small “e” of Klein is often always incorrect on fakes, it should be a semi-circle.
  2. Inspect the logo carefully, it must be clear or clean, No extra material, also check the letter “K” Shorter side.
  3. The buttons are not graded with the company logo followed by the shirt design then you are facing a fake.

Just be aware of the brand identity

Check Collect Here: Calvin Klein

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115. Pepe Jeans

On our list of the best denim jeans brands in India is Pepe jeans London. they excel in the genre of casual and one of the best brand jeans not only India but also in the whole world. stylish line of apparel got established in the year 1973. with its super comfy look and material, Pepe’s offers a great variety of jeans.

How to identify Pepe jeans:

  1. zippers and zipper tags will be generic and us-tamped.
  2. Generic riveting stamped inside.
  3. Inside seams will be shorter to save on textile costs.

Just be aware of the brand identity

Check Collect Here: Pepe Jeans


106. Flying Machine

Flying machine is a homegrown brand which is a division of the “Arvind mills” Born in this year 1980. it call itself a “Guarantee brand” that is available at a reasonable price. the brand believes in innovating itself to win the loyalty of the millennial generation. The brand targets an age of 16 to 35 years and offers more youth centrist products.


How can identify Flying machine:

  1. font is serif or sans serif.
  2. Check if the font is even slightly streached.
  3. What all colors that brand uses in it’s logo like ZARA uses (Black, White, Grey).

Just be aware of the brand identity

Check Collect Here: flying Machine

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97. Wrangler

Wrangler is often described as a cool jeans brand because of Most popular fitting and stylish looks. t is designed by integrating both modern trends and vintage fashion sow. It’s an American origin company that was founded in the year 1904 by its founder C.C Hudson. it acts as a subsidiary of its parent company VF Corporation.

Company is an iconic associate with the apparel industry as it deals in manufacturing and selling of jeans and other cloth items.

Check Collect Here: Wrangler


88. John Players

John player is for young men who work hard and party harder. in a world of fast fashion they are committed to positioning themselves as the number one youth fashions brand in India.

How can identify John Players:

  1. Back pocket are tab and patch.
  2. pins & studs pin buttons are made of metal.

Just be aware of the brand identity

Check Collect Here: John Players


79. Lee Cooper

Lee cooper company was introduced in the year 1908. although they provides a large number of apparel. shirt, pants, shoes and many other fashion products for men and women. they have already gained a lot of popularity in India after introducing their jeans. Le cooper jeans are made with a good quality and offers wide variety of sections.

How can identify Le Cooper:

1. Button embossed with lee brand name.

2. Zip & zipped also embossed with lee brand.

Just be aware of the brand identity

Check Collect Here: Lee Cooper

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610. Mufti Jeans

Mufti is an Indian brand that offers casual wear for men. it came into existence in the year of 1998 by Kamal khushlni. Every products is designed to make it look “Different” from mainstream fashion.

Which was later adopted by other denim brands.

Along with a wide range of pants jeans, Mufti also famous for its shorts, shoes and other accessories.

Just be aware of the brand identity

Check Collect Here: Mufti Jeans


Other popular brands to buy jeans for men online in India

  • Wrogn
  • LocoMotive
  • Being Human
  • Moda Rapido
  • Next
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Guess
  • G-Star
  • Gucci
  • Levi’s
  • True Religion

This is the list of the best Denim Brand jeans available in India.



Above were our best brand jeans in India list. we have included our favorite brand jeans, some of which likely you liked brands. Did this article just turn you into a Brand conscious person? Nope wonder!! these top jeans brands promise great quality and best looking within your budget. also you can buy them online or Multi branded retails stores.