Aarogya Setu App: Setup and use Aarogya setu App for track Corona Virus In India

Aarogya Setu App: Setup and use Aarogya setu App for track Corona Virus In India

Setup and use Aarogya setu App for track Corona Virus In India

Govt has launching the Arogya setu app that helps people self-assess and tracker covid-19 infections more accurately and effectively. The Government is now working towards procuring thousand of wristbands that will be reposeful with the mobile apps.

Aarogya setu is a Covid-19 contact tracking app developed by the ministry of electronics and IT, it detects and trackers the user’s movements with the help of mobile’s GPS and Bluetooth sensors and sens out a notification if they come in contact with infected people by using its Database and algorithms.

How does Aaarogya setu Mobile App Work? How Bluetooth helps in identifying covid-19 suspects.

The app is available on Google play store and Apple app store and has already registered over 50 million downloads and accumulated around 3+ lakh reviews. Once you download the Aarogya setu app, you’ll be required to register with some personal details like name, gender,age, whether you’re affected, whether you were out of the country in recent times etc.

Now if every Indian has the app download on their device, and has filled correct details, then the effected will be effectively sifted. but as you may argue this might not be practically possible due to.

Aarogya Setu App: Setup and use Aarogya setu App for track Corona Virus In India

How to setup Aarogya setu?

1. First of all Install Aarogya setu App from Google store Or Apple app store (iOS users).

2. Open the setu app and pick the your language for prefer.

(The App support 11 languages- English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi,Bengali Etc.)

3. The setu app will take you through its functioning and features. Read the information.

4. When you’re promoted accepted the location and Bluetooth permission. ensure the location is net to “ALWAYS” Option.

5. Now enter your mobile number and verified OTP.

6. Fill in your personal details like Your full name, gender, age, profession and weather you have traveled outside India in the last 30 Days.

7. The mobile app also asks you if you are willing to volunteer in these times. if you select “Yes” you will be asked to fill a 20 Question assessment form.

8. The mobile app will be show your health status based on the test you just had, if you are at High risk or in a high risk area, you’ll be asked to get tested and set an appointment at the nearest testing center by calling on the toll free number 1075

Now after installing the app and completing the setup, your phone is now ready to determine your risk of infection. and you will be alerted if someone you came in close proximity with unknowingly tests positive later.


How to share the setu app so that others can install the App

Tap on the share & Protect other button from the bottom of the app. choose the medium such as Whatsapp, SMS Etc. then choose the contact you want to share the Aaroya setu app with and then send the message

1. Many organization are playing to include the app in their daily operations to identified potential cases.

2. Many food delivery services have mandated the use of Aarogya setu app for their delivery personal.


What’s under the hood?

The mobile app starts off with asking for the person’s mobile number to authenticate the sign-up, which can be done in Your language. this is followed by a security and privacy notice that details all the information that the app will collect and use. setu App will then request for access to the device location, followed by the switching On of Bluetooth for 120 sec.

NOTE- The app needs Bluetooth and GPS to be switched on continuously for it to work.


Data Security

The app is equipped with standard security features to protect the confidentiality and Security of your information. data is encrypted in transit as well as the rest. personal information provided at the time of registration is encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud where i is stored in a recurse encrypted server.


Privacy policy

when you use Aarogya setu some personal information is collected from and about you. we are committed to protecting the security of this information and safeguarding your privacy, this privacy sets out the details of the personal information collected, the manner in which it collected, by whom as well as the purpose for which it is used.



The report had to input different values in the self assessment test for the purpose of testing the app. reader are strongly advised not to input any fake values into the Aarogya setu app and are requested to read the terms of the app carefully before.